Vape pen are becoming the “in” thing for cannabis lovers in Denver’s recreational and medical dispensaries. This is no surprise considering that these devices are lightweight, easy-to-use, and virtually odorless.

Even if your experience with vaping marijuana isn’t the best, it’s easy to get started. Our guide to vaping cannabis is here. Certain accessories are required for any tool. The vape pen is very portable and can even break if it has oil cartridges. A small container that can hold wax or smoking dabs is required. A dabber, a small metal tool to scoop the wax out and place it in the heating chamber, is also required. Also, you will need some silicone wax pads to prevent any small cannabis vape wholesaler amounts of concentrated cannabis from getting everywhere.

There are many ways to buy cannabis concentrates. One form is the pre-filled, disposable oil capsules. Other concentrates are called budder, wax and sugar. Because of their consistency and appearance, they work best in vapepens. These are usually easier to use and easy to load. You can also buy refillable oil carts. It is important that you only use the correct concentrates for your vape.

It is a huge no-no to load your chamber by picking your wax up with your fingers. It can actually lead to oil loss. Instead, you can take a small amount from your container with the dabber/dab tool and put it into the chamber. Pre-filled oil kits are easier to replace if you don’t have the time or desire to load and reload each chamber. Simply unscrew your empty oil cartridge and screw the new one on.

Your loaded vape will now be ready to use. Press the button to inhale, while keeping the button pressed. Some vape pens do not have the button. If you don’t see it, just press the button and inhale. Take small inhales, and don’t breathe in as deeply as possible.

The choice of activation buttons, or “auto draw”, is up to the vape pen user. This means that they can be activated by simply inhaling onto the mouthpiece. You have more control over the temperature with activation buttons. It takes five clicks on most vape pens to turn them ON, three clicks on to change the heat setting, then five clicks off to turn them back OFF. You heat the chamber while holding it down.

Also, the button settings of a vape pen could be disadvantageous. It’s more difficult to use, and there is more room for user error, than vapepens that “auto draw”. Pro tip: Read the instructions for button settings, heat setting, and what the indicator lamp means when you first get your vape pen. It’s important to have an airtight and odor-proof storage case if your vape pen will be carried with you on your Denver vacation. Stashlogix makes it easy to store your vape pen and other accessories in many cases.

Also, ensure you have a spare charger in case of an emergency. You will never run out power with your vape. It is important to consider which concentrates you’ll use when you purchase your first vape pen. You can use vaporizers with only oil, wax, dry herbs or both. There are some neat all-in-1 vaporizers available. They are slightly smaller than a traditional vape pen, but they are still quite nice to use.

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