Online reputation managers often refer to search engine results by using terms such as bury and push down. This is because suppression can play a crucial role in ensuring that the first page on Google accurately represents your professional and personal brand. To bury an unfavorable search result, which is ranked first, you will need to raise nine other URLs in order to remove it from the list. This is much harder than ranking one website first.

Before you can suppress any negative outcomes, you will need to produce positive content to promote your brand. ORM content marketing means creating and dandy portal optimizing a lot of keyword-driven, original articles, blogs, videos and images. Link building is also important to promote the content and ensure that customers can find it.

Google’s search results are diverse because it aims to deliver the most relevant results possible for every query. Google offers a variety of search results for brands because it is not always obvious what the user wants. What does a positive, established online presence for CEOs and brands look like?

Smokescreens are a common tactic used by high-risk Internet reputation management firms to hide a person’s identity. It’s an easy and cheap way of doing it. This is done by creating digital personas who share your name to fill up top spots on the SERPs. This tactic might work well for an average Joe but it will not remove articles about global brands or their chief executives from Google.

Only by creating a search presence which accurately reflects your brand, achievements and legacy can you build an online reputation that will last. Other tactics are doomed to failure and can lead to a larger mess to be cleaned up later.

Online activity can seem unimportant or disconnected to your business. This is simply not true any more. Negative online reputation can affect your brand and business at all levels.

Google is your digital resume. If the first bullet in your resume read, “Fired due to lack of performance,” would you ever submit it for a position? Unfortunately, unlike a printed version of your CV, it’s not possible to remove undesirable search results. You can find out everything you’ve ever written, said or posted on the internet, even what other people have to say about you.

Google rarely removes negative results, so your online reputation will remain more or less constant. You can’t burn or shred negative stories. Digital archives will always contain them.

Social media comments you delete quickly can be immortalized by a screenshot, published in an article, and syndicated tens of thousands of times. Even minor and unfavorable news can remain on the front page, leaving a bad impression among the business people. Google is used by so many people, including potential clients, investors, and future employees. It’s just a matter time before one of your colleagues stumbles upon a bad page-one result.

Your online reputation affects both your professional and personal life. Negative results in search engines can distort your achievements and bring to light a single incident that does not define you or what you have done. Your philanthropic activities are overshadowed, and you embarrass yourself in front of your friends and family.

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