Although it may be tempting it is, don’t dive right into designing! Have a look around and look at what other designers are creating. You’ll be able to get an idea of the type of designs you’d like to see and want to incorporate into your marketing materials. Create a mood board using printed marketing materials you’ve received or look at the internet. You can pin images that you love to Pinterest (like the ones we use here) and then use it as a mood board online to get ideas.

In addition to websites like Pinterest, Dribble and Designspiration Why not take a look at our suggestions on how to design the perfect logo design for your business? You can also follow us on social media @instantprintuk to see what some of our amazing customers have come up with! Beware Although it’s okay to draw inspiration from other designers on the internet, ensure that you don’t duplicate their work. Plagiarism is a crime and the purpose of analyzing what other designers are doing is to discover the perfect style for you and something that is unique to you and your personal preferences custom plastic card printing

It is crucial having an easy-to-read and clear font is important for your design, particularly when it’s intended to promote your company products and services. It is important to make it as simple as you can for your customers to comprehend what you have to offer. This is particularly important for products that may only be viewed in passing, such as posters. Here are some tips for creating a stunning poster!

But this isn’t all… the choice of branding fonts will also tell a lot about the type of business you run. When customers first see the marketing material you’ve created (or any other visual branding) they will make an instant evaluation of you. This could determine whether they decide to invest in your company or with competitors.

There are four main kinds of fonts: Sans, Slab, Serif and Script. Based on the type of font you’re using, whether you’re creating the logo for your company or creating a memorable menu or an About Us page for your website , or creating an informative flyer, you’ll need to choose a different kind of font. For more information on everything you must know about the nature of typography, visit this blog.

From this point, there are many ways to choose your color palette From choosing the color that is directly opposite the one you’ve selected (complimentary) to selecting the colors that surround your initial choice (analogous). We especially like Gigzey’s illustrations of this.

For your final color scheme, look at different shades and hues of these colors, think about whether your style requires a warm or cold colour scheme. If you’re creating a menu Think about hungry colors. For more ideas on how to design an appealing menu look up our helpful guide here. A study conducted by Vogel and colleagues found that the brain process visual information at 60,000 times faster than other types of content. If you’re creating something like an Roller Banner or Exhibition Stand This is an crucial aspect to keep in mind since images play an important role in the design. The most important thing to consider when choosing images that fit your company’s style is to select images that match your brand’s style.

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