Both business owners and marketers are aware of the potential problems that a negative review can create. If someone leaves a negative review about your business, your service, or your employees on Google, the damage to your reputation can be magnified.

Google removes reviews only in specific circumstances. The fact that you don’t agree with a particular review doesn’t mean that it will be deleted. Google content guidelines or incorrect listings or locations must be the reason for the removal of a review.

Google My Business expands the abilities of business owners how to remove bad reviews on google and marketing agencies to manage reputations within the platform – at least, in theory. Account holders will be able to remove reviews from Google and can check on the status of previously flagged reviews.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that this process does not work for accounts with more than one Google My Business listing. Unfortunately, this is bad news for agencies and businesses that have multiple locations or more.

If you have a negative Google review and you can’t remove it using the Google management tool, then what should you do? It’s simple: Follow the normal process for reporting bad reviews to Google. Most business owners or marketers will tell you how frustrating it can be to try and remove bad reviews from Google. Google may be more likely to remove a negative Google review if you are creative.

Google outlines the steps to follow to ask for the removal of an unwanted review. But even if the instructions are strictly followed, the support team at Google will decide whether or not to act. It may take several days for Google to review flagged reviews, and then even your request may be rejected.

The digital age requires reputation management. Finding your way to Google is not something you can just set and forget. Google offers limited help to businesses and agencies in managing their reviews. To limit the damage caused by a bad review, agencies and businesses must take prompt action.

These are some of my best tips on how to get reviews taken off your Google My Business listing. Successful businesses receive many new reviews every month, both from Google and elsewhere. The most recent Google My Business reviews are more significant than your review score, considering the importance of new reviews. BrightLocal discovered that 73% (of consumers) only read reviews within the past 30 days.

Google does not say that it prefers to report a fresh review over an older one. Google is known to focus on policy infractions when it comes to the removal of reviews. It makes sense that Google would pay greater attention to an updated review, which other users will be able to read.

It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. But in an enormous machine like Google, you might need to make it louder to be heard. Wait for the response before flagging the review. You should flag reviews from several accounts you have control over. It is important to have access to multiple Google accounts. My experience has shown that multiple flagged reviews are more likely than not to receive timely attention, and they may even be removed earlier.

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