Clip-In Hair Extension

Clip-In hair Extensions are a trendy choice for women who want to experiment with their look without committing to a long-term installation. These hair extensions use clips as attachment methods, which are easy to install and remove without assistance. There is so much variety in the market, and it can be challenging to decide which clip-in hair extension is best for you.


Before you go out looking for a solution, it’s crucial to determine your problem.

In the case of clip-in hair extensions, you must decide what you want to achieve.

Are you looking to add highlights to your hair?


Are you trying to add volume or length to your hairstyle?

You’ll have your desired clip-in hair extensions by asking yourself these questions.

How do they work?

Clip-in hair extensions are hair extensions with pressure-sensitive clips having comb-like teeth. Their attachment method is simple. You swipe all the clips attached to the hairpiece into your hair, snap them shut, and voilà. Make sure to hide the weft properly.

Clip-in extensions are of two types based on their weft material.

  1. A lace weft made of French lace
  2. A seamless silk weft made of a very thin Silicon band

Now the question is

What’s the difference between them, and which is best for you?

Their only difference is the width of their weft.

Clip-in hair extensions with lace wefts are thick and are suitable for healthy hairs because, in naturally healthy hairs, we can adequately cover the lace.


Seamless clip-in hair extensions have a very thin silicon band that lays flat with the surface of the head and becomes undetectable. These hair extensions are compatible with fine and thin hair, giving them a natural look. People with healthy hair can also use them.

How long does it take to install them?

Clip-in hair extensions are very easy to install and beginners friendly. They don’t need you to go to the salon or a hairdresser. Even if you are applying for the first time, they will take a maximum of 10 minutes of your time, and with time you become an expert.

How much do they cost?

They cost from $100 to $700. This difference between the minimum and maximum price is based on hair used in the hair extensions. Remy hair extensions cost more than synthetic hair extensions or low-quality human hair extensions.

What is their lifespan?

Clip-in hair extensions can last longer than semi-permanent hair extensions, and with proper care and maintenance, they can last up to a year.

Pros and cons of clip-in hair extensions

Like every product in the market with its pros, they have some cons, and knowing about them can help you make a learned decision.


  • They are easy to install and easy to remove.
  • No need to go to a saloon
  • No hair damage
  • No permanent commitment
  • Long life span


  • You cannot sleep in them.
  • Not suitable for thin hair


Due to its affordability, convenience, and ease of use, clip-in hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular among people bored with the same look and want to change it or those who want to add volume, length, or color to their hair.

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