Thank you so much for joining me! This will be hard for me, and you, I promise. Amazon, my savior of shiny objects, has made me so dependent on them. I believe we can all do this together. I’ve compiled a list with experiential gift ideas, both from me and other nomads. Those who are better at giving gifts that are meaningful have also been included I hope you find these stories and ideas inspiring this holiday gift-giving season. Let’s make this a joyous holiday season.

It would be remiss not to mention that I knew was a difficult and unusual year. Although some of these gift ideas won’t be possible until the new normal is established, it’s never too late to dream about simple things, such as hugging and seeing a live concert. We need to give each other experiences to look forward this year. You can buy, plan, or hand make holiday gifts from your own home. The costs range from your time to hundreds of thousands of dollars. These are creative and fun alternatives to the boring task of buying gifts. This could be the gift that lasts a lifetime and will be treasured for many years.

Tinggly is genius. It’s an online catalogue of adventures and experiences from around the globe. Lindsey Nubern from Nuventure Travels recommends Tinggly: “While traveling in Thailand and Bali internationally, we were presented with a couple of Tinggly experiences. Tinggly has experiences that are suitable for solo travelers and couples around the globe. We have been to more than 20 countries together and Bali’s cooking class is one of my favorite travel memories.

Lindsey of Nuventure Travels published a second edition her best-selling book. This will spark conversations about travel and other interests. Sometimes, the most valuable gift of all is the chance to have a real conversation with others and the lessons and ideas that result. A few questions can help you learn so much more about your family. A memorable and stunning tour of a National Park or cruise is a gift that will be treasured forever. Enjoying a Lake Powell boat cruise from Rainbow Bridge to Rainbow Bridge and back, Pictured rocks Sunset boat tour and Airboat Swamp Tours through New Orleans were some of our favorite memories. For our wedding, someone gave us a gift certificate for cruises. It was used for a Belize zip-lining adventure. I was afraid of heights, but this girl conquered them all and will never regret it.

A helicopter ride above a national park, coastline, volcano, glacier or other location is a great option. This was done at the Grand Canyon, and it was an amazing experience that we will never forget. It is important to research safety ratings, reviews, and other information. Maverick was our choice and we were extremely satisfied with their safety record.

Know someone who is interested in a new sport? You can give them lessons in a sport they are interested in or to enhance their skills. Skiing, horseback riding and golf are all options. Ashley Mann, former full-time RVer, and founder of RV Inspiration, shares an unforgettable gift experience. “One my favorite gifts while we were living on our RV was when my mother paid for me to learn how to ski. It was something I wanted, and not “stuff”, that gave me a new hobby that will be cherished for years to follow.

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