You’re a new investor in cryptocurrency. As you take your first steps on the Path of The Blockchain, you have likely noticed the prolonged bear market that cryptocurrencies have faced over the past year. Last month was the worst since 2011. If we look back, this bear market is not the first. There have been many others. There is also a bull market for every bear market. This cycle of constant balance, similar to the Taoist yin/yang, can be seen crypto to invest. Despite recent drops, cryptocurrency investing is not over. This is a way to spread your investment to minimize losses during market downturns. It also applies the risk of a decline in one or more sectors.

These are the basics of investing in and trading Bitcoin (and any other cryptos): We will discuss how to avoid fees and what orders you can use. These tips and tricks should not be confused with professional investment advice. Instead, they are essential advice that you can ponder. Consult a fiduciary if you need professional investment advice. This list focuses on crucial points and is shorter than the 5 Tips for Crypto Traders. You can also trade in cryptocurrency or bet on it going up. This could be done by buying crypto. You can also short crypto. This means you bet on crypto going down, such as by short-selling it. You can also do both, depending on the price action. You can even use short positions to hedge.

The number of Americans holding cryptocurrency assets in their portfolios has increased significantly over the past five years. This is a significant increase from the reported 1% in 2016. Industry leaders predict that cryptocurrency investment will double in the next five years. 14% of Americans now have digital assets in their portfolios, up from 1% in 2016. These are just four tips that will help you get started. Investing in various crypto assets is one of the best ways to reduce risk and sometimes improve returns. Diversification is also known as asset allocation or diversification in the trading industry. 

No one is an expert in crypto investing. You wouldn’t invest in crypto without a plan. It would help if you stopped doing this. Proper trade planning is key to your success as an investor. Your crypto trading plan will be your anchor while you invest. This allows you to be detached from any emotions that might set in. This will enable you to manage your risk and be more prepared to approach the market. These approaches can include your entry and departure time, price, trade volume, etc.

June was another difficult month for cryptocurrency. The market capitalization of publicly traded cryptos plunged 33% during that period, from $1.31 trillion to $880 billion. This is 70% less than the November 2021 market cap of $2.96 trillion. This asset class is not a good place to be a momentum investor. However, contrarians might want to consider small investments at current levels in some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Digital assets are now more established than ever before. Projects in this young industry continue to attract massive amounts of investment, brainpower, and labor. 

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