Are you using internet marketing methods to grow your MonaVie business?

Listen up, if you’re involved in MonaVie but you don’t do any Network Marketing , you are missing out on prospects, customers, and lots of money!

If you’re accustomed to the traditional methods of offline marketing for your MonaVie business (your warm market list, the three foot rule, drop cards, flyers, calling paid lead lists, etc.) you might think that you don’t need to learn how to market online or you might think that it’s too tough and you’ll never be able to learn. That is total nonsense.

The fact is that everyone should be marketing their MonaVie business online.

It allows you to reach more people with less time, energy, and money. Since the internet is always there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long, it allows you to build your business when it’s physically impossible such as when you’re at your regular job or when you’re sleeping!

Sure, learning how to market online can be scary at first just like everything else that you’ve done in life for the first time. However, once you take the time to learn internet marketing, you’ll see how powerful it is and you’ll ask yourself why you never started earlier!

When you begin learning internet marketing, do it slowly.

There are many marketing strategies that can used so it is very easy to jump from one strategy to the next without truly learning the previous one. Attempting to learn every single strategy at the same time will just get you frustrated causing you to spin your wheels and possibly quitting.

One of the easiest and most overlooked strategies is social media marketing.

Two of the most popular social media websites are Facebook and YouTube. Just about everyone you know has a Facebook account. Start there, again its free and you can find targeted prospects with whom to connect.

You can build a terrific relationship with other network marketers on Facebook and possibly have them join your MonaVie business. You can also target health conscious people who would be looking to become a MonaVie customer. Find these people on Facebook by doing for specific search on the words dieting, weight loss, mlm, netwrok marketing, etc. in the search box on Facebook and then join the Groups that show up in the search results.

As for YouTube, its now the second most used search engine behind Google. Lots of people prefer watching video over reading printed media. So use your webcam or digital camera to film yourself talking about your MLM business, its product or service, the compensation plan, etc.

These are just two internet marketing strategies, I suggest that you start with the both of them to start with and then start with other methods such as article marketing, blogging, Twitter, Pay-Per-Click, etc. daily to get more business and more free prospects for your MonaVie business.

The internet is the greatest tool ever to use for marketing all MLM opportunities!

If you truly want to succeed in MonaVie, a never-ending supply of quality leads is required. You can generate targeted leads for free daily when using internet marketing, especially an Online MLM Lead System []!

Paul J. Fung is the author of this article. He is a former NYSE Floor Broker who turned to network marketing after seeing so many of his friends and family lose their Wall Street jobs over the past few years.

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