It is usually between 12 and 30 months. It takes two steps to microblade your eyebrows. In the first step, your expert will make small incisions with thin blades and then create realistic looking eyebrows. You will return to the clinic 6-8 week later for a top-up.

Once your eyebrows are healed, the final results should be visible within 2 months. After that, you are free to come back for touch ups as often as you like. Most people opt to visit the salon once per year. It is important to take care of your microbladed eyebrows. After-care will keep your eyebrows feeling and looking great.

Depending on the treatment you received, your Microblading Köln Sülz eyebrows can heal in 4-6 week. You will notice that they go through several phases. In the first 7 days, it is important to be very careful and avoid touching your eyebrows at all costs. This includes makeup, lotion, shampoo, or any other skincare product.

Your expert will provide you with a special cream you can apply on your eyebrows after your procedure. This will help to speed up the healing process. After your microblading, here are some mistakes to avoid:

In the period of healing, certain things are prohibited. One thing to keep in mind is to not get your eyebrows soaked. How about if you have to wash your head? How do you wash your hair? These are some helpful tips for washing your hair after microblading. First, wash your hair just before treatment. This will help to prevent fading of the microblading.

The healing time for the eyebrows’ surface is approximately two weeks. However, the brows can heal up to six weeks. It is important to take care of your eyebrows during the healing period.

Be careful not to stay in the bathroom too long, even though you have protected your eyebrows. Steam can also cause pigment to be retained, so showering as quickly as you can and without too much heat is recommended.

The best aftercare for microblading is dry shampoo. You should wash your scalp before treatment. Then, use dry shampoo to extend the time you wait between washes. The method is harder, but it’s also safer. As you lean backwards, flip the hair over and make sure your head is facing sideways. This will prevent water from dripping onto your face. Avoid rushing and avoid getting the eyebrows exposed to the shampoo.

You can use plastic visors to shield your eyebrows from water while you wash your hair. One can be purchased for very little and used during the recovery period. A second tip to consider is to use a healing balm recommended by your doctor to cover the eyebrows with a thin film while showering to keep them protected from the steam. Then, wipe the product off.

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